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Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it...
if only it were that easy...

SHARE what you know ~ LEARN what you don't.
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If you know of a worthy source of information not included here, please send us an email so that we may update our links. Arabian breeders, please continue to expand your legacy beyond those you know, we ask that you share what you have learned with the next generation of "Caretakers of the Arabian".

 Living by our own rules ~ "SHARE what you know..."
This page started in March 2008 as a private list during my study of conformation traits & inheritance. I am more interested in sharing valuable content than formatting tweaks ~ but eventually all will be up to snuff :) 
Great information is on the internet and more is added every day. However, if few link to it ~ few will be able to find it via search engine queries. If you find a useful source of information ~ LINK TO IT!!! Search engines 'work' by following links from website to website creating databases of terms (words) and where they were found.

My current project: Historical Photos @ Facebook

Resources of Interest

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 "My treasures neither chink nor glitter,
but gleam in the sun & neigh in the night."
1 -- Arabian proverb

Arabian Breeders Network ~ For the Promotion of our Industry


Latest Tidbits ~ Recently added items we're tickled to locate & share

  • Janow Podlaski Stud ~ Polish Arabian Database (Note: Try both Pedigree & "Search" options as a horse may show up via one query, but not the other ~ which doesn't make sense to me, but... ~ Example: IXL Noble Express (our stallion's sire) is not found via "Pedigree" but is there via the "Search") ~ Site provides quick review of close relatives: click on a name within a pedigree, on the next screen near the bottom select "Offspring present in database".
  • Arab.nl ~ HengstMerries
  • Crabbet Park Imports to the US thru 1944 ~ Quick List
  • Australian Crabbet Reference Directory

Favorites (My Frequent Flyer destinations)



Newcomer Guides

Hot Topics

Lines (All Arabians from various lines or "family branches" , regardless of wherever they occur in the world, are mostly only different combinations of the same basic bloodlines ~ Description of Differences)

Arabian Legends & Tributes (some poetry)

  • "Beauty without vanity"
  • The Legendary Origin of Equis Arabica (Arabian Horse)
  • The Legend of the Bloody Shoulder Mare (Second variation)
  • Story Teller Arabians (briefly covers)
    • The Bloody Shouldered Mare
    • The Sixth Sense of the Mare
    • The Legend of the Bay
    • The Legend of the Five (Al Khamsa)
  • Skarabee Arabians (briefly covers) The Arabian Horse in Religion and Poetry
    • When God was going to create the horse...Löffler (1860)
    • Wounded Warrior
    • The Golden Ode of Labid
    • Love horses and look after them...Sidi-Aomar, the Prophet's companion
    • On slender horses of noble breed...el-Monachchal el Jesehkori
    • Look what a horse should have...Shakespeare (1593)
    • Above all my recommendation is to devote great care to the broodmares...Ammon (1834)
    • Fine steeds, like true friends, are few...Al Mutannabbi (Trans. By A. J. Arberry
    • He is a very great drinker of the Arabic air....Daumas (1853)
    • A mare long of body...I will keep her as my own...(Trans. By Sir Charles Lyall)
    • He mocketh at fear, and is not affrighted; neither turneth he back from the sword....(Job 39:19-25)
    • AL ADIYAT: (The Chargers)...Running swiftly to the battle...(Sura 100)

Legendary Arabians & Unforgettables ("Arabians & their by-lines" and foundations of key programs)

  • Fetysz ~ Arabian Progenitor & Trakehner Foundational Sire
  • Straight Egyptians
  • Bay El Bey ~ The King Maker
  • Bey Shah ~ Mr. Perfect+
  • Amurath Sahib ~ Poland's Secret Weapon
  • ~ The Seven Splendids (
  • ~ The Queen of Janow
  • Bandola ~ Queen of Poland
  • Negma ~ Queen of the Nile
  • Witez II
  • Mesaoud
  • Skowronek ~ descendents have the reputation for a particularly agreeable sweetness of character as well as good structure, are fun riding horses and loving loyal companions -- per Caelliots Magic Arabians
  • Nazeer
  • Bask
  • Raffles (Skowronek x Rifala by Skowronek) ~ Included as a bonus 'free' STERILE mount, intended for Roger Shelby's daughter (Raffles article to be scanned and archived in time...)


Health & Care Issues

Arabian Genetics & Gene Actions

A prepotent horse has a lot of homozygous alleles. This means that the horse has two of certain genes so when the split up to recombine with what the other parent has, the are going to always send that.
For example, a homozygous gray horse can only sire (or produce) a gray foal because the horse only can pass on the gray gene since it only has gray genes in that place.
A horse with a lot of genes doubled up is going to pass on the genes that it
has. If the genes are dominant, such as the gray gene, then the foal will have those dominant traits. - Carol Mingst (posted on ArabianPreservationist Yahoo Group)


There is a test through UC Davis veterinary genetics lab, that can show you all of the (color) combinations that your Arabian horse will be able to produce. For more information and a chart showing all of the possibilities click here to go to the UC Davis genetics site for the test form, also information on tests for the Sabino gene, pinto patterns and SCID. (Summer Set Farms ~ specializing in producing the pinto National Show Horse)

Funny, this business of breeding Arabian horses. Breed Ibn Bad Legs to Bint Bad Legs, and odds are you'll get Less Than Perfect Legs. Breed Low Back to Ms Low Back, and chances are you'll get Even Lower Back. But breed Prince Nearly Perfect to Bint Gorgeous Gal and you might get Most Beautiful Ever, and you could possibly produce The Great Tragedy, a foal doomed to early death because of its inability to fight off infection...The best-intentioned, most thoughtful, knowledge-based breeding in the world could produce a SCID foal. ~ Vet Gen Website

Link Pages


Trivia & Quizzes

  • ArabianLines.com ~ Quizzes
  • StraightEgyptian.com ~ Quiz

Foreign or non-English Resources (TIP: copy the link and use Google language tools to translate content)

The Name Game ("What's in a Name" or "A Rose by any other Name")
~ Horses known by more than one name (to include variations & stud book references)

  • Aswan ~ Raafat
  • Wan Dick ~ Van Dyck ~ Van-Dick SSB*122
  • Rabdan ~ Rabdan El Azrek
  • Marsianin ~ Mars
  • Negma ~ Nigma
  • Nureddin & Nureddin II
  • Bandos 1964 (Negatiw x Bandola) & Bandos 1940 ()

Pronunciation & Animated gif images


WebRings (Arabian)

Famous &/or Foundational Farms (Time Period Established ~ Location ~ Lines)

  • Crabbet
  • Varian Arabians ~ Sheila Varian, California (Breeder of Huckleberry Bey++, Afire Bey V, Barbary+++ & oh so many more champions!)
  • Al-Marah ~ Bazy Tankersley, Arizona
  • Janow ~ Poland
  • Marbach (German Stud ~ 1573) Intro | Tourist's Photos | Wiki | Sanacht | Other German Arabians | Nazeer's German Sons ~ Hadban Enzahi, Ghazal & Kaisoon
  • Serenity Arabian Farms (Straight Egyptians) ~ Reference horse: Khofo and Straight Egyptian imports, interacted with Glenloch Farms; imports from 1968, 1970 & 1981:
    • Serenity Sonbolah (1967), National Champion mare
       Serenity Shahraa (1966), Triple Supreme Champion mare
       Serenity Sabra (1965), Multiple Champion mare
       Serenity Sagda (1966), Supreme Champion mare
       Serenity Montaha (1966), Champion mare
    • SF Bint Mamlouka (1959), never shown
       SerenityBintNadia (1960), Champion mare - shown only once
       Serenity Luftia (1967), Multiple Champion mare
       SerenityBintNoha (1969), Supreme Champion mare
       Serenity Bint Hemmat (1957), deceased in 1970
       SerenityAbuSimbel (1969), sold as a yearling
    • Galila (1980)
       Bint Sania (1980), bred by the EAO
       Bint Nawal (1980), bred by the EAO
  • Brusally ~ Reference horses: Skorage, Pulque, Skorata, Skor-Enne, Brusally Skorage, Skordonas and Polish imports from 1963 & 1967:
    • 2 stallions - Czester (Comet x Cerekiew) and *Gwiazdor (*Naborr x *Gwadiana)
    • 12 mares - *Abhazja (Omar II x Arfa), *Algorina (Ali Said x Alga), *Almeriaa (Faher x *Ambara), *Basta (Comet x Bajdara), *Chlosta (Faher x Carissima), *Daszenka (Trypolis x Dazma), *Genua (Grand x Gwara), *Gontyna (Doktryner x Gazella), *Miroluba (Faher x Mira), *Nawojka (Wielki Szlem x Najada), *Rifata (Faher x Rasima), and *Warna (*Naborr x Wielka Zorza)
    • The stallion *Faraon (*Naborr x Forta) was bought from Sir William Farm in 1963
    • 3 foals imported in utero arrived in 1964
    • 2 stallions - *Orzel (*Pietuszok x Ofirka) and *Zbrucz (Comet x Znachorka)
    • 9 mares - *Bulawa (Laur x Bulgotka), *Cerera (Ferrum x Cerekiew), *Laura (Ariel x *Lawenda), *Lawenda (Doktryner x Laguna), *Manna (*Naborr x Manilla), *Paleta (Comet x Planeta), *Prowizja (*Ego x Prowarda), *Salinaa (Comet x Salwa), and *Wislica (Branibor x Wataha)
    • 3 foals imported in utero arrived in 1968
    • In 1967, Ed held the first Arabian horse auction in Scottsdale, paving the way for the legendary Lasma and Tom Chauncey sales of the 1970s and 1980s
    • In 1972, Joe and Martha Cassel, of Lindale, Texas, bought the first of a string of Brusally horses—including Brusally Zbruenu—that would make up the core of their famed Casa Cassel breeding program
    • From 1951 to 1985, the Tweeds bred nearly 375 Arabians. Today, Brusally Polish Arabians are synonymous with performance, especially racing

Training & Horsemanship

  • The Ammy Army ~ "The Ammy Halter Handler Association" ABN Forum Topic


Museums & Places of Interest to Visit

  • International Museum of the Horse at Kentucky Horse Park 
    ~ The Purebred Arabian Horse Trust will soon begin construction of an 8,000 square foot addition to the museum. The museum will receive the outstanding collection of art, artifacts and library and archival material from the Arabian Horse Trust and an equally significant collection of art and artifacts from the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation. The new Arabian horse galleries are expected to open in the summer of 2009. 
    ~ Also scheduled a feature in conjunction with the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 
       "A Gift from the Desert: The Art, History and Culture of the Arabian Horse
    Gift from the Desert by Beverly Fortune
    The Kentucky Horse Park museum will host a major international art exhibition in 2010 on the Arabian horse, with the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation underwriting the entire $2.3 million in expenses to stage the exhibition.

Conformation (Form follows function)

Breeding (Theories & Services)

Historical Arabians

Types & Strains (and even Sub-Strains)

TYPES: Within the Arabian breed there are many different "Types" ~ the word "Type" refers to conformational characteristics specific to the Arabian horse such as the dished head that may be more or less "extreme", the croup which may be more or less level, the tail carriage which may be more or less pronounced, the fine skin with its silky coat, and the action which is a hallmark of the breed, the basic characteristics of good horse conformation apply -- paraphrased from the article WHAT IS CRABBET? by Somerset Publications : Publishers of Australia's Crabbet Arabian Horse

STRAINS: Some breeders equate differences in type to differences in strain - "the strain-type theory" - arguing that within a particular strain one is more likely to find uniformity. However, as an Arabian takes its strain name from its tail-female ancestor only, it is possible that this strain represents only an infinitesimal percentage of a range of strains involved in the pedigree. The strains have their origins in the desert. The word "Kuhaylan" (or Kehailan) is the Arabic name for horse, and to this strain were added others like "Saqlawi" (or Seglawi), and "Mu'niqi" (or Managhi). -- paraphrased from the article WHAT IS CRABBET? by Somerset Publications : Publishers of Australia's Crabbet Arabian Horse

SUB-STRAINS: Substrains to the above "Strains" evolved as the horses of one desert tribe or another became well-known for certain reasons ~ their speed, courage, great beauty, etc. All pedigrees eventually trace back to desert horses of one strain or another, but most Arabians of today are of very mixed strains -- paraphrased from the article WHAT IS CRABBET? by Somerset Publications : Publishers of Australia's Crabbet Arabian Horse (See Strains and Strain-Types for specific details)

Preservationist Groups

"As to the notion that preservation breeding is not compatible with selection for improvement or with breeding 'quality horses', I think there are two separate ideas here: we want to improve our individual animals in the sense of breeding to combine more of the best features of our kind of horse in each individual. What we do not subscribe to is the conventional notion that one can 'improve the breed', which seems to mean, in practice, "make it look more like some other breed." Most of us are breeding within specific pedigree limits precisely because in our experience they turn out specific kinds of good Arabian horses."  -- Michael Bowling

Show Divisions & Classes

Shows & Results

Show Gear


Current Events (Update Sources)

Registries & Organizations

Acronyms & Vocabulary

Breeders & Influentials


  • Arabian Breed Shows
  • Sport Horse
  • Open (Non-breed specific) Shows

Half-Arabians & Influenced Breeds

History of the Arabian Horse

Website Development & Marketing

Research Tips

  • Start with Google ~ repeat the same search but thru their Image query
  • Use Meta-Search Engines such as Dogpile & Consum8
  • Wikipedia
  • Add or subtract words from your original terms (ex: 1st search "Polish Arabian"; 2nd search "Polish Arabian history"; 3rd search "Polish Arabian history stallion"; vary your terms. Mentally make note of key sources of easily understood information.

Useful & Miscellaneous

Close Relatives (of our stock and their ancestors)

  • IXL Noble Express (MHR Nobility x RY Fire Ghazi of Maroon Fire Arabians ~ sire of our stallion Noble Afire MFA
  • Afire Bey V (Huckleberry Bey x Autumn Fire) ~ dam sire of our stallion Noble Afire MFA
  • 1996 Canadian National Champion Firelite DGL by Duel (Bask+) out of our mare Flame Dancer
  • Barbary (Bay El Bey x Balalinka) ~ 21 pictures ~ Sire of our mare Flame Dancer
  • Imperial Imdal (Ansata Imperial x Dalia by Morafic) ~ YouTube Video ~ Half-brother to Imperial Imohaan, the grand-sire of our mare BH Moniet El Nazeer
  • Maali RCA (Ruminaja Ali x Masira by Masir) ~ Foundation mare for Arabians LTD, breeders of international & exceptional Straight Egyptians for over 30 years ~ Our mare BH Moniet El Nazeer is by the Straight Egyptian stallion Mafar (Imperial Imohaan x Mafariah by Masir)
  • The Puritan ~ sired by Talal (x Nazeer) out of Miss Floco, The Puritan's blood was internationally influential thru his grandson Ralvon Elijah ~ Miss Floco is the second dam of our Flame Dancer
  • Ara Lea by Aristo Wildfire (Ariston x Four Winds Flare) ~ full-sibling to Aristia, 2nd dam of our mare Intrepid Bey


Authors (Useful for future searches for articles or books as internet grows)

Article Indexes

Articles by Title (Loosely arranged by subject matter, possible overlaps during early phase of development and link verification)

Universities & Colleges (Traditional degree programs & Extension/Associate offerings)


Stories ~ Arabian Horse Association

Newsletters & Archives
    (If you know of other newletters or online archives ~ preferably free for the general education of all
     who seek to learn more about the Arabian horse ~ please email us with the details!)


Scanned articles in pdf format, possibly best to right click on link and select download or save as depending on which browser you are using. Then open the downloaded file with Adobe Acrobat Reader. For a listing of articles, join 'us' online at Arabian Breeders Network

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